Victoria McConnell and Ashleigh Claire Miller in Tara Dyberg's La Fille and Rose
Photo by Stephen Byrne


Petit Prince Reimagined in La Fille and Rose

Tara Dyberg’s La Fille and Rose, a contemporary dance adaptation of Le Petit Prince, was almost risky in its rare [...]



Less Could Be More at Moon Falling

The audience entered Moon Falling to a striking image of six dancers lying on the floor—the strong influence of visual [...]

DirChoice14 0615


Dazzling Displays in Director’s Choice

The dancers of Pacific Northwest Ballet showed themselves at their best in the four contemporary works of Director’s Choice. Though [...]

Noche Flamenca-Antigona-Burial-Photo by Chris Bennion   059


Antigona Darts Between Tawdry and Terrific

When it comes to telling a story through dance, most people think of ballet or musical theater. But Antigona, presented [...]

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