Tesseracts of Time by Jessica Lang Dance Co. Photo by Todd Rosenberg.


Jessica Lang Dance: Catch It Where You Can

While still a young company in its fifth year, Jessica Lang Dance, on tour in Seattle this November, displayed a [...]

Markeith Wiley as Dushawn Brown. Photo by Joseph Lambert.


It’s Not Too Late: A Primer on White Hostility

It’s hard to be interested in anything right now except what’s going on right now. How are we supposed to care [...]

Performer Lindsyanne Owen and Photo by Tim Summers.


At SOLO(S), one body is all you need

Some choreographers need or want a village of people to execute their vision. And then there are others, like Mary [...]

Photo of Dorrance Dance by Christopher Duggan.


A Torrent of Sound and Energy at The Blues Project

It’s not often that Seattle audience goers get to see high caliber tap dancing. However, when the opportunity arises, Seattleites [...]

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