Photo by Cheryl Mann Productions.


Ate9: Calling Gaga from Seattle

When Gaga is done well, each movement is embodied with such focused intention, it has it’s own economy. We value [...]

Artists Emiko Flanagan, Ingrid Silva, and Jenelle Figgins. Photo credit Rachel Neville.


Thoughtful Virtuosity in Dance Theatre of Harlem

“I THINK” These letters were stitched onto Dance Theatre of Harlem’s costumes in the final piece of Saturday’s performance and [...]

Still from Mr. Gaga, film by the Heymann Brothers.


Mr. Gaga: A Moving Portrait

“This is a blessing for a dancer… to be part of a process that will change the world of dance.” [...]

Wade Madsen in Flew Like Clouds. Photo by Tim Summers.


Transportive Storytelling in Flew Like Clouds

What was it like to be in your body this morning? What was it like to be in your body [...]

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