Velocity FKO Teases and Pleases

Velocity’s annual Fall Kick-Off ushered in a promising new season of dance with three different nightly performance showcases, September 5-7, [...]

keyon gaskin, Ezra Dickinson, Allie Hankins, and Lucy Yim perform in Tahni Holt's Duet Love
Photo by Tim Summers


Duet Love Provides Space to Reflect

It’s not often that a choreographer leaves so much for the audience to chew on without shoving everything down their [...]

The Samurai Project
Photo by Ashley Johnson


Stunning Simplicity at Samurai Project

A one-night only culmination of a three-week international intensive, The Samurai Project, on August 28, was as artistically playful as [...]

CabinFever in Salutations. {A Tour through your Departure & Arrival}
Photo by Joy Jacobs


Dancing through Local History at CabinFever

Roger Thorson stands in an open doorway on the main floor of his restored barn, his blue eyes bright under [...]

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