velocity: looking for volunteers to help them move

Here’s note (verbatim) from Velocity’s website, in case you were up for volunteering some time next weekend. (I can’t promise, since I don’t know, but wouldn’t it make sense that if you’re moving stuff in, you’ll get a sneak preview of the new facility? So you get warm fuzzies for helping and early entry to boot.)

“Saturday Feb 20 and Sunday Feb 21
10am – 4pm

We need several volunteers to help move our office & theater to our new location. Volunteers should be comfortable with lifting and carrying medium weight to heavy weight objects (boxes, furniture etc).”

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  1. Thanks for posting this. We will be moving the theater into the new space. If conditions allow, volunteers can certainly get a sneak peak. We are still juggling the schedule of when to get the lighting grid up & when to finish the floors in the large studio/theater. As long as the floors aren’t curing we should be able to give a few tours.

    -Josh Windsor
    Board Member
    Velocity Dance Center

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