Note: Are you gaining (and then losing?) healthcare coverage?

Brendan Kiley at the Stranger is looking for folks who don’t have health coverage but will have it under the reform bill. Is that you? E-mail him at
Dancers have a 100% injury rate. If anyone needs healthcare, it’s our dancers. The Stranger may not always be there for dancers (maybe this is changing? 2 reviews at least already in 2010), but I think we should be there for the Stranger…especially if they’re sending word to our attorney general re: his filing of a lawsuit that undermines the health care bill. Kiley’s e-mail follows after the jump.

From: Brendan Kiley []
Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2010 3:21 PM
Subject: a favor

Hello, friends and neighbors.

Now that our charming attorney general has joined a bunch of other attorneys general in filing a lawsuit to undermine the health care bill, we at The Stranger are looking for some folks who didn’t have coverage, but do under the reform bill, to profile.

Young folks would be especially great-we want to put human faces on the story and directly ask Mr. McKenna why he wants to strip these people of their newfound coverage.

If you know of any folks, personally or professionally, who might be interested in talking a little bit about this subject, please send ’em my way. Or send me their way.

Sorry for the mass email-but this has to happen quick-quick…

Thanks, hope you’re well,

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  1. Sigh. We live in such a polarized, ideologically driven culture. Apparently, the AG and his fellow travelers are objecting to the personal mandate in the health care bill. The personal mandate was floated for the first time back in 1993 by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (of the infamous “pull the plug on grandma” speech). Irony is best on the stage and on the page but not in politics. Dance tends to be irony-free because the human body and its movements have a hard time being two things at once. What you see is what you get. It attracts my Piscean nature.

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