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SeattleDances is Seattle’s link to all things dance. Through exclusive previews, engaging editorials, and timely reviews, SeattleDances tracks the pulse of the Seattle dance scene.

We strive to increase city-wide appreciation of dance and act as a resource to the dance community as a whole. The site creates an opportunity to watch, learn, question, ponder, and discuss dance and dance-related topics. SeattleDances is committed to supporting local dance companies and enlightening audiences with informative previews and detailed reviews. With a comprehensive calendar of dance events, as well as listings of auditions and workshops, SeattleDances is a centralized source for dance information. Anyone interested in dance is welcome here, from patrons to professional dancers and from dedicated students to art lovers seeking to learn more about dance.

Established in 2009 by writer Rosie Gaynor, SeattleDances initially focused on the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Later, SeattleDances expanded its coverage to include a wide range of dance performances under the management of Kristen Legg in 2010, and subsequently Mariko Nagashima from 2011 to 2016. In summer 2013, SeattleDances held its first fundraiser as a way to kick-start another expansion project that included a new logo (designed by site founder Gaynor), a new website, and a renewed commitment to diverse coverage of Seattle’s dance scene. As of July 2016, Megan Stevenson is the Executive Director of SeattleDances, and Kaitlin McCarthy is Editorial Director.

SeattleDances is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. Donate to SeattleDances here!

Who We Are

Executive Director: Megan Stevenson

Editorial Director: Kaitlin McCarthy


Interested in contributing?

SeattleDances is always looking for additional writers with different perspectives. Please send your inquiries and writing samples to editors@seattledances.com.

Meet our Staff


Megan is a Northern California-raised Seattle dance artist. She attended San Diego State University and graduated cum laude with a BFA in dance. During her time in San Diego, Megan choreographed works and made dance films, as well as performing in works by Leslie Seiters, Sara Shelton Mann, Joe Alter, and Patricia Sandback. In Seattle, she has had the opportunity to perform with Antonia Price, Anna Conner, and Corina Dalzell. In Spring 2015, Megan joined SeattleDances as Callboard and Calendar Intern, transitioned to Social Media Manager as well as a Staff Writer, and is now Executive Director.


Kaitlin likes dance. She likes to make it, see it, direct it, think about it, talk about it, and write about it. She started dancing in her hometown of Ann Arbor, MI before attending Mt Holyoke College where she graduated summa cum laude in 2009. In Seattle she has worked with a dozen local choreographers as a dancer and has created work for 12 Minutes Max, Full Tilt, and HOT MESS, which she also co-produced. Kaitlin has been writing critical reviews for SeattleDances for several years. For more information please visit kaitlinmccarthy.com.

Richael Best grew up studying ballet at San Francisco’s City Ballet School under Damara Bennett and Galina Alexandrova. She has also trained in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, swing, ballroom dance, and musical theatre. A graduate of Whitman College with a degree in English, Richael is thrilled to combine her passion for dance with her love of words while writing for Seattle Dances. When she’s not attending dance shows, Richael works for Sasquatch Books, an independent publisher in Seattle.


Imana Gunawan, a Texas-born Indonesian, is a Seattle-based multimedia journalist and dance artist. She is an editor for Breaking News with NBC Universal, a podcast producer for Humanosphere, and a member of Au Collective. Since graduating cum laude with a BA in journalism and dance from the University of Washington in 2015, she has been commissioned/produced by the American Dance Guild (NYC), Velocity Dance Center’s Next Fest NW, Boost Dance Festival, and more. She reports on breaking news, the intersection between policy and culture, and the arts—issues which often seep into her dance works. imanagunawan.com


Tess Hansen, a Seattle native and University of Washington student, has danced all her life. She has studied ballet, modern, and some ballroom, jazz, and Bharatanatyam. She has performed works at the Meany Center, the Moore Theater, and the 5th Avenue Theater by several Seattle-based choreographers. While at UW, Tess found that not only does she love to dance, she loves to write about dance and is pleased to be writing about the local dance scene for Seattle Dances.


Sandra Kurtz teaches and writes about dance in Seattle and elsewhere.


Philippa is a freelance contemporary dance artist, company member of Karin Stevens Dance, and Associate Director of Ktisk Contemporary Dance. Myler has danced with Anna O’Conner, Nathan Blackwell, Xaviera Vandermay, Coleman Pester, Pat Graney, and Barbara Bourget, and Jay Hirabayashi, among others. Myler was Artist in Residence for Fiji’s VOU Dance in 2013. After graduating with a BA in dance and a BFA in English from Simon Fraser University in 2010, Myler co-founded the collective Triadic Dance Works, which performed original works in Canada, the US, and Germany. Myler teaches creative movement, contemporary modern, jazz, hip hop, and ballet to students of all ages.


Lynn entered the Seattle dance community following her graduation from Wayne State University in her home state, Michigan, where she received a B.S. degree in Dance. Lynn has written creatively and academically for most of her life, and is excited to process the ever-interesting dance community Seattle has to offer through her words and reflections. Since moving to Seattle, Lynn has had the privilege of working with artists Pat Graney, Wade Madsen, Rainbow Fletcher, Nathan Blackwell, as well as many of her talented and daring peers. When not writing or dancing, Lynn teaches Pilates and experiments in dance film. Lynn is honored to contribute her voice in a city where inspiration and dialogue is abundant.



  1. Is there such a thing as dance lessons for NON-professional/ expert adults that includes performance or competition opportunities, the same way kid lessons do? 🙂 Thank you

    1. Yes! Check out Exit Space’s program takePAUSE or Velocity’s Strictly Seattle Summer Program. Both have performance opportunities for adults of all levels.

  2. I would like to know the procedure for listing a job(s) for a dance teacher on your site. Please let me know how to proceed. I have a well established school of about 200 on Bainbridge Island and looking for some qualified instructors.

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