12 Notable Performances of 2014: A Personal Appreciation


Most people in the Seattle dance community know Anne Lawrence. A faithful mega-fan of all things dance, Anne can usually [...]

Mexican/American: A Bridge, Not a Cultural Divide


On a blustery Thursday night, the scent of homemade tamales wafted through Founders Theater at Velocity Dance Center. Nancy Blanco [...]

Reconciling O’Connor’s World: A Start

Tere O'Connor's BLEED
Photo by Paula Court

If you haven’t heard already, Tere O’Connor is taking over Seattle this week. The acclaimed American choreographer is in town [...]

“Structure is Everything”

Tere O'Connor's BLEED
Photo by Paula Court

“You don’t just pour paint onto the canvas and say, ‘Perfect!’” Just as in visual art, according to celebrated choreographer [...]

Valuing the Intangible


This summer, the British dance advocacy group Dance UK posted on their Facebook page regarding a phone call their offices [...]

Making (It) Work

Guests mingle at a July 2014 fundraiser for choreographers Michele Miller and Alana O Rogers
Photo by Ryan Goldstein

In the interests of ensuring engaging conversation, there are topics better left undiscussed in certain circles of society. Last winter, [...]

Dance for the Win!


A team of scantily clad women shimmy in a tight group, a martial artist punches the air, a performer strips [...]

Let’s Talk About DWYL


Over the coming month, SeattleDances will feature articles on the often tense relationship between dance and money. It’s on our [...]

EXTRA EXTRA! You’re Invited!

carnival announcement_colored_red_framed

SeattleDances is hosting its 2nd Annual Carnival fundraiser! Come on down to Velocity Dance Center on Thursday, September 11, to [...]

Give BIG on Tuesday May 6


We have some BIG news to share. This Tuesday, May 6, SeattleDances is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s Give BIG [...]

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