DanceCrush Spotlight: Jade Solomon Curtis

Photo by Michael Doucett.

If you didn’t catch Jade Solomon Curtis’ Black Like Me last year (a 2016 DanceCrush winner), then you’re in luck. [...]

Dance Takes Flight in West Georgetown


Borrowing a huge sum of money—the equivalent of one private jet—from the bank is a big decision for anyone. For [...]

theNEST: A New Space to Collect


I enter an open door off of First Avenue NE, one block away from Greenlake, into a grey-blue space filled [...]

Book and Event: Marcie Sillman and Jonathan Porretta


Celebrated dance journalist Marcie Sillman has recently completed her book, Out There: Jonathan Porretta’s Life in Dance, which features the [...]

Base: New Dance Space Arrives in Georgetown


Off an old industrial alleyway in Georgetown something new is just beginning. Seattle dance fixtures Dayna Hanson and Peggy Piacenza, [...]

New Music and Moves at CONVERGE


CONVERGE Dance Festival has become somewhat of a Seattle staple over the last three years. Uniting local choreographers around a [...]

Noelani Pantastico: Dancer in Flight

JCRJ08  0327

When asked what her spirit animal is, Noelani Pantastico reluctantly narrows it down to the butterfly. “I feel funny picking [...]

Ktisk Finds Beauty at The Pocket

Beauty Marks

Since relocating from Columbus, Ohio to Seattle in 2014, Rachael Forstrom’s Ktisk Contemporary Dance has barely skipped a beat. The [...]

Butoh Festival Explores Global Body


Bodies covered in chalky white. Imperceptible movements. Ritualistic intention. These distinctive qualities of Butoh performance often combine to create a [...]

Coriolis Prepares to Blast Off

Landoscopic © Bret Doss 2015 25

SeattleDances caught up with Christin Call, Co-Artistic Director of Coriolis Dance (alongside Natascha Greenwalt), as the group prepares to debut [...]

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