DanceCrush Spotlight: Paige Barnes Bridges Dance and Eastern Medicine

Photo by Jen Au.

I caught up with Paige Barnes as she prepares to show her latest work, Interstitial Pulse, I might fall into [...]

DanceCrush Spotlight: Jade Solomon Curtis

Photo by Michael Doucett.

If you didn’t catch Jade Solomon Curtis’ Black Like Me last year (a 2016 DanceCrush winner), then you’re in luck. [...]

DanceCrush KT Niehoff: Celestial Bodies and Human Ones

Before We Flew Like Birds, We Flew Like Clouds

KT Niehoff had a vision: a giant planetarium-like space filled with floating objects surrounding visitors, who take in a performance [...]

See MA at NWFF this Weekend

MA still by Ian Bloom

Celia Rowlson-Hall’s breathtaking film takes dance cinema to new level with her feature-length production, MA. The film, shot across the [...]

Preview: Into Ice

Into Ice, Dancer Mariko Nagashima, WittyPixel Photography

Artistic research, especially when it comes to dance, is a neglected topic. Yet, sometimes how the hours – days, weeks, [...]

Emerging Choreographers Set the Stage for RDC’s Showcase


We want to create community through elevating our art form; we want to create community through creating bold, audacious, and [...]

Sculptured Dance brings PNB to the Park


Seattleites love getting outside during those few summer months when the sun shines. There are outdoor concerts, festivals, movie screenings, [...]

Radost Celebrates 40 Years of Joy

STG - Global Dance Party 2013

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Radost Folk Ensemble, a local group dedicated to the music and dance [...]

PRIME time for RDC


Before it’s possible to push boundaries with art, there must first be an audience to be pushed. Enter Seattle’s Relay [...]

Learning to Be Human: Being.


“I was so caught up with ‘Why can’t I just be happy and normal?’ We’re trying to hide who we [...]

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