ONE Big Step for Collective Sigh


One of the newest troupes to pop up on the Seattle dance scene, Collective Sigh presents their first program, ONE [...]

Buttcracker Is Ready to Rock


Raised lighters and screaming fans aren’t typical features of a dance performance. But this holiday season, prepare to have your [...]

Inner Galactic Explores Galaxies of the Heart

InnerGalactic_SIDF_fist bump

Inner Galactic, the highly-anticipated, interdisciplinary collaboration between Seattle artists Maya Soto and Nico Tower, is set to launch this coming [...]

PE︱mo: Collaborating on an Accident


Author and feminist bell hooks once wrote: “The function of art is to do more than tell it like it [...]

UW Dance Celebrates 50th With Diverse Offerings


The mothership that is the UW Dance Program is calling its little ones home this October in honor of celebrating [...]

Au Builds Community from the Inside Out


It’s a sweltering Sunday evening in July, and Au Collective has already been rehearsing for an hour. The oppressive summer [...]

Staying in the Present with SFDI

Ralph Lemon_Photo by Dan Merlo

“Honor the moment that is right now,” invites Katherine Cook, faculty and jam curator, as a studio full of dancers [...]

Epic Mythology Retold at Cabiri’s EZID

The Cabiri in 2014's TEWAZ
Photo by David Rose

Fans of mythology and spectacle rejoice: The Cabiri is back with EZID, the second installment of an epic mythological trilogy, [...]

A Duet, An Entrance: People Like You


People Like You marks the live performance Seattle debut of Rachael Lincoln and Leslie Seiters, though some Seattleites may have [...]

Creating a New MANIFESTO

ilvs strauss in a promo shot for MANIFESTO at On the Boards' 2014 Northwest New Works Festival
Photo by Tim Summers

It started as a solo skit for a sea cucumber. The roots of ilvs strauss’s MANIFESTO are simple enough, but [...]

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