The Three Yells Returns to the Stage


“Fire in the belly” is Veronica Lee-Baik’s guiding principle as she directs her company, The Three Yells. Deriving its name [...]

La Fille Gets to the Heart of the Story


If you think storytelling through dance is almost the sole province of story ballets (hello, Nutcracker season!), you are in [...]

Establishing a New M.O.


Known for their lush, full-bodied, and athletic movement, Michele Miller and Alana O Rogers are  teaming up this weekend to [...]

Gifts of War Takes to the Stage

ana fiona higher res

This weekend, prepare for a genre-blending extravaganza of theater and dance with a heavy dose of Ancient Greece. The work [...]

Generation (wh)Y?


This morning most of us rolled over to unlock our phones, checking Facebook and other social media websites out of [...]

Taking Home on the Road

2125 Stanley St Reh

A set of toes gingerly place clean socks on a clothesline. A cello thrums sporadically. Voices murmur in different languages. [...]

ARC Dance From Rehearsal to Stage


Nestled in the Crown Hill neighborhood of Seattle, ARC Dance houses both a pre-professional dance training school and a resident [...]

Be Moved by SPIRITO

127th St. Dance
Photo by Tuffer Harris

When it comes down to it, pursuing dance is about heart and passion, both of which 127th St. Dance has [...]

Harrison Helps Dancers Soar at Ashani

Iyun Ashani Harrison and Ashani Dancers 2014 Photo by Joseph Lambert

In a rehearsal for Iyun Harrison’s Of Passage on Thursday, May 29, four male dancers sat in a circle of [...]

A Dance Lover’s Guide to Folklife

Urvasi Dance
Photo courtesy of Ratna Roy

Some people say smiling is the universal language. Everyone across the world smiles: the message is received no matter where [...]

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