Converging on Motherhood

Sarah Seder, Lilah Steece, and Amy Weaver of Sapience Dance Collective

CONVERGE: dance festival, presented by Sapience Dance Collective, is Seattle’s newest dance festival, joining the ranks of BOOST, Chop Shop, [...]

Dare to Dance Starts a Movement


When Dare to Dance was first created, the program promised to “start a movement.” Now in their fourth year of [...]

Benefit Concert Aids Local Dancer

Photo courtesy of Carla María Negrete Martínez

The Seattle dance community has many outstanding qualities, but what makes it more than just a wonderful place to work, [...]

Cultivating Roots with Abbey Grown

Victoria McConnell's Arc and Arrow 
Film still by Brad Curren

Like a living mound of fertile soil, the Fremont Abbey Arts Center provides the perfect conditions for creativity to sprout. [...]

Expect the Unexpected at BeginAgain

BeginAgain in rehearsal
Photo courtesy of zoe | juniper

Chances are good that many in the Seattle audiences have heard the buzz surrounding the upcoming zoe | juniper performance, [...]

The Rise of LUNA

Anna Conner + CO in LUNA
Photo by April Stasso Photography

The devil is in the details, so they say. Anna Conner, the choreographer and Artistic Director of Anna Conner + [...]

KDC Melds Desire with Design

Khambatta Dance Company
Photo by Brianna Jones

Khambatta Dance Company has been a prevailing force in the Seattle dance scene for many years—the group combines raw, carefully [...]

Minstrel Show Update Revisits Race Conversation


For a good, hard look at race in America, go see Donald Byrd’s The Minstrel Show Revisited this weekend. Opening [...]

The YC Poised to Soar

SE3__Kate Wallich + Andrew Bartee_photo by Jacob Rosen

Kate Wallich may be the main choreographer of Super Eagle, set to premiere at Velocity this Thursday evening, but the [...]

The Bridge Project Makes Performance Personal

Colleen McNeary_courtesy of the artist

Every year, Velocity Dance Center offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to a select group of Seattle choreographers with The Bridge Project, [...]

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