Shirley Jenkins Always Ends on a Happy Note


Late on a weeknight, seven dancers gathered downstairs at Historic Washington Hall for the final rehearsals leading to performance. Led [...]

Rich Layers of Cacophony To Fill Washington Hall


By 6:30 PM last Friday night, the four performers of Cacophony for 8 Players had been rehearsing for nine and [...]

A Cinematic Movement

Molly Sides_film still from Alternator by Rodrigo Valenzuela

Film is not a new medium. The nexus of dance and film is not particularly new either, but this week’s [...]

Sapience and the UW Chorale Combine Talents


Sapience Dance Collective has been bringing authentic and community driven modern dance to the Seattle since 2009. “Sapience” means wisdom, [...]

Homegrown Art with “Heart Content”


CabinFever has been quietly making a name for themselves in Seattle for the last several years. With performances at the [...]

Dance Fremont Honors Gabella’s Memory


Dominique Gabella was a powerful performing artist, choreographer, teacher, writer, and poet, as well as an outspoken advocate for social [...]

Behind the Scenes of Iron Daisies


Entropy Directors Alicia and Daniel Mullikin started creating dance together in 2008 and have since produced works for multiple venues [...]

Talking New Works with Twyla Tharp


If you’re a fan of Twyla Tharp, get ready. Not only does Pacific Northwest Ballet kick off their new season [...]

DASSDance: Protecting Indigenous People of the Amazon through Dance


  Imagine the only way of life you’ve ever known was being taken away from you so that someone else [...]

Preview: Relay Dance Collective


  Jasmine Morgan (left) and Austin Sexton (right) of RDC in Jenny Hillock’s “Shadow Dancing” Photo by Stephanie Nomura-Henley Relay Dance [...]

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