Seattle Remembers the Grunge Days


Elia Mrak and Nancy López Luna performed the full-length production Seattle, an ode to the city’s grunge period, on April [...]

Something for Everyone at BOOST


A biennial festival seeking to support PNW dance, BOOST Dance Festival returned from hiatus last weekend, May 29-30, taking over [...]

Expectations and Triumphs with Ailey Tour

AAADT in Matthew Rushing's ODETTA   Photo by Steve Wilson

Winding down its North American tour, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performed three shows at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre April [...]

A Decade of Greatest Hits at BRD


In 2005, motivated by a desire to bring high-quality contemporary dance to the Bellingham community, a group of artists founded [...]

Variety at Opera + Ballet in the City

Dancers in Jennifer Porter's Disconnected 
Photo by Andrew Ness Photography

Ballet Bellevue, Bellevue City Opera, and Orchestra Bellevue teamed up to stage a refreshing mixed bill of dance and music [...]

Acrobatic Conundrum Defies Gravity

Acrobats in Acrobatic Conundrum's Love & Gravity Photo by Eric Gillet

Equal parts circus act, dance, and acting exercise, the Seattle-based group Acrobatic Conundrum’s Love & Gravity (April 8-10 at Broadway [...]

A Lively Romp at PNB’s Coppélia


Pacific Northwest Ballet bills Coppélia as “the happiest ballet on earth,” and that’s not far off: it’s a comedy where [...]

Celebrating a Decade of Dance at Full Tilt

Elby Brosch in Mark Haim's Hot Air Photo by Joseph Lambert

Now in its tenth year, Full Tilt, presented at Velocity Dance Center April 8–9, boasted a mélange of high-profile and [...]

All in a Life’s Work with Ktisk


What lies at the intersection of work, life, and art, and how does a dancer navigate the tension and ambiguity [...]

Striking Visuals at The Three Yells


Veronica Lee-Baik has a clear eye for an unusual landscape—her stage pictures are distinctive and disturbing. Lee-Baik’s Her Name is Isaac (Cornish [...]

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