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The 2017 DanceCrushes are:

Daniel Costa  for performance and community presence
The beginnings of an emergent truth about whipped cream (Lauren Linder) for thoughtful use of props
The Purple Lemonade Collective for their fierce performances all over the city
The SOLO(s) Project (Mary Sheldon Scott) for choreography and performance
Nia-Amina Minor for her performance in Spectrum Dance Theatre’s SHOT
Theory 11: Study Two (Marlo Ariz) for performance and choreography
one great, bright, brittle alltogetherness (Cherdonna) for ambitious vision and outstanding production
Isla (Cameo Lethem) for choreography and performance
And our Reader’s Choice Award:
Nico Tower  for being a multi-disciplinary Seattle dance super-hero

Join us on January 6, 2018 to honor these artists! Celebration includes performances by Daniel Costa Dance, Purple Lemonade, Lauren Linder, Mary Sheldon Scott, Nia-Amina Minor, Marlo Ariz Dance Project, and Cameo Lethem!

About DanceCrush

DanceCrush is SeattleDance’s program designed to recognize and support achievements in local dance. Started in 2016, SeattleDances annually honors dancers, choreographers, and productions we have a total crush on. The aim of DanceCrush is not to identify an objective “best,” but rather to recognize local artists making thoughtful, ambitious work. It is our hope that these recognitions will help promote individual artists and create prestige for the dance community as a whole among other arts genres. Because SeattleDances aims to empower community voices, one DanceCrush is the Reader’s Choice Award, picked from nominations submitted by the Seattle dance community and viewers.

But aside from our affections, what will recipients of a DanceCrush receive? Each artist will be honored at the DanceCrush Celebration, receive an honorarium, and be featured in an article on published throughout the year on the SeattleDances site – an effort to sustain dialogue and publicity surrounding their work.

2016 DanceCrush Celebration. Photo by Warren Woo.

2016 DanceCrushes were:

Randy Ford for powerful performance (Read DanceCrush Feature)
Palms for incredible design (Read DanceCrush Feature)
A Glimmer of Light or Skin or Hope for outstanding overall production (Read DanceCrush Feature)
This and This Too for performance and choreography (Read DanceCrush Feature)
Cold Side (of the Pillow)  for performance and choreography (Read DanceCrush Feature)
Anatomy of an Accident for potent melding of theatre and dance (Read DanceCrush Feature)
an attic an exit for performance and choreography (Read DanceCrush Feature)
Black Like Me for performance and choreography (Read DanceCrush Feature)
And our Reader’s Choice Award:
What’s Poppin’ Ladiez? for trail-blazing community organizing (Read DanceCrush Feature)

The Palms team poses for a photo at the 2016 DanceCrush Celebration. Photo by Warren Woo.