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12 Minutes Max

November 24, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

An informal showcase of contemporary and experimental performance works in dance, theater, music and multimedia, 12 Minutes Max provides a platform for artists to showcase 12 minutes of material supported by limited technical elements. Performances are curated by different members of the arts community three times a year.

Lineup for 12 Minutes Max @ Base, November 24-25, 2019
Curated by barry johnson and Fox Whitney
Leanna Keith “imagination is an act of rebellion” Naomi Kline argues that the suppression of imagination is a neolibral tactic. Therefore, the activation of imagination is inherent to sustainability and can be a form of rebellion. This piece flips the dynamic of the composer as genius and the audience as simply a viewer.
Sheri Cohen “Awe for Small Things” A solo dance improvisation in which the performer inspired by what is immediately evident and deceptively meaningless. Those things—a knock of the radiator, a rhythmic line of chairs, the smell of the floor—are transmuted through her imagination into movement and expression.
Minna Lee “Mama Bear” An installation/theatre piece exploring Hmong motherhood in America.
Lesbian Death Bed “Sharon Rochelle Ramona” A horse girl romance; hair everywhere, tender physical intimacy, pink ponchos, and jazz walks.
Wryly McCutchen “t(Witch)” A series of hybridized texts that vibrate with nontraditional witchy energy and spells that softly smash limits of form and genre. The 3 pieces presented in t(Witch) focus on reclaiming trans bodies and the (re)formation of spiritualities that center and uplift queer realities.  It contains many forces the conjurer belongs to: words, motion, light, magic, glamour…
Margaret Johnson “Sweet Nothings” A piece created by the forces of mid life crisis and self reflection during this specific time in the world.
Isabella Sauve-Collins “I’d Rather Not” The battle between what you love and what you’re expected to be. Having to choose to fill a role and be what people want or choosing what you love. With many choices in life it’s a hard one but an important choice.
Amy Augustine “The Treading” Original script/performance piece about a woman and a man who fall off a ferry boat in the Adriatic Sea (inspired by a true story). They spend 18 hours treading in the sea, treading in existentialism, treading into love, treading to survive and treading in contemplation as to whether or not this is the worst that could happen.  One survives.  This piece will entwine words, original, live music, two mini trampolines, a large swath of blue silk and buckets of water.
SLOWBURN Dance Company “Tangent” This work explores a fleeting memory. An ensemble represents this memory, always occurring at the same time and in the same space. A duet represents an entity processing this memory, existing in a separate timeline and unable to touch the memory in its original form.


November 24, 2019
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Base Art Space
6520 5th Ave S #122
Seattle, WA 98108
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