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FKO 2020: Neve Mazique -Ricardi

September 30 @ 7:00 pm

Travel down the wonderful and terrifying world of Neve’s imagination in this multidisciplinary work co-presented by Velocity Dance Center in May, 2019. Lover of Low Creatures is simultaneously a unique new take on musical and dance theatre, a solo cabaret, and a spiritual ritual take on coming of age and sexual healing. Snow is a mixed race (Sudanese Nubian and Scottish American), physically disabled girl growing up in a forest on a river near a town. She and her white mother’s house iswhimsical and magical, filled with friendly animals and butterflies, dancing in the morning, and sleeping spells in the evening. Snow and her mother are scientists, artists, and witches in tune with each other and the natural world. But underneath the flow of their routine, is an entity, or entities, very ancient, and very much alive, following Snow, that she is afraid to face, most of all because she has reason to believe her fate is intricately tied to it, in a way her mother’s is not.

In Lover of Low Creatures, NEVE’s contemporary dance style combines the fearless irreverence of punk, the assured shapes of ballet, and the audacity of Vogueing, with inflections of Zar, a trance ritual dance form originating from the Horn of Africa in which participants dance in an effort to expel the spirits of possessive demons from the body. Perhaps even more daring, in what Mazique-Ricardi calls “true African storytelling tradition” this new work will be entirely danced and sung through, with music that is just as genre-bending and bold as the dance, in equal turns operatic, punk and folk.


September 30
7:00 pm