New Dimensions in Next Dance Cinema

A film still from Bodies and Space and Place and Home directed by Sarah C Prinz.

Next Fest NW’s 2016 theme of pastFORWARD happens to coincide with a time of great change and uncertainty. The past [...]

Bringing Movement Artists’ Films Onto the RADAR


From Vancouver, B.C., to Detroit to San Francisco, filmmaker/curator Adam Sekuler and choreographer Shannon Stewart brought together movement-based films in [...]

New Frontiers of Dance Cinema


The sister art forms of dance and film have much in common. At its core, cinema is about movement, light, [...]

A Cinematic Movement

Molly Sides_film still from Alternator by Rodrigo Valenzuela

Film is not a new medium. The nexus of dance and film is not particularly new either, but this week’s [...]

Talking Dance Film and the Digital Age with Kingsley Irons


Written by Gabrielle Nomura A still from In Transit, a dance film created by filmmaker Adam Sekuler and choreographer Shannon [...]

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