At SOLO(S), one body is all you need

Performer Lindsyanne Owen and Photo by Tim Summers.

Some choreographers need or want a village of people to execute their vision. And then there are others, like Mary [...]

Conflict and Cohesion at Strictly Seattle

SS_010 - Gosti

Maximum Velocity, presented by Velocity Dance Center, kicked off with the final showcase for their three week dance intensive, Strictly [...]

Bodies of water Brings Art to All

0 193510-2

It was roughly five o’clock on Saturday evening, July 16, and I found myself standing in the unexpected warmth of [...]

Bending Genres at City Arts


Genre Bender, an annual performance presented by City Arts Magazine, pairs local artists of differing disciplines to create works that [...]

Utopia On the Big Screen


Next Dance Cinema was presented in two showings at Northwest Film Forum as part of Velocity Dance Center’s Next Fest [...]

08.04.15 Stays With Us


Alice Gosti created Yellow Fish – Epic Durational Performance Festival in 2013 to focus on performances lasting anywhere from one [...]

Partisan Creates Time, Space to Reflect

Partisan_Hanna_tim (2)

If you walked into Saint Mark’s Cathedral between 4 and 9 PM on Saturday, April 25, you might have seen [...]

Gosti Entwines Physicality and Politics

MIS_Alice Gosti_Tim Summers_Car3

Imagine yourself in a cathedral. But instead of hearing Mass, you see five dancers stand in a clump, systematically moving [...]

New Frontiers of Dance Cinema


The sister art forms of dance and film have much in common. At its core, cinema is about movement, light, [...]

Velocity FKO Teases and Pleases


Velocity’s annual Fall Kick-Off ushered in a promising new season of dance with three different nightly performance showcases, September 5-7, [...]

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