Subtle Humor in Industrial Ballet


Kate Wallich’s one-night-only dance and music extravaganza Industrial Ballet took over the Moore Theatre on Saturday, March 26. The experience [...]

Wallich Splurges on Pop Culture

Kate Wallich and Waldean Nelson in Splurge Land
Photo by Tim Summers

Beers, fake plants, and sweaty bodies made their way to Instagram as Kate Wallich and dancers of The YC thrusted, [...]

Spotlight on Seattle: Take the Bad with the Good


The Spotlight on Seattle series forms a weeknight core of the Seattle International Dance Festival, organized annually by Cyrus Khambatta. [...]



A recent Seattle Times article announced Whim W’Him’s jump this season from a pick-up company to one of only three [...]

PNB Sharpens Its Contemporary Edge

DirChoice14 0370

It’s always a joy to see ballet dancers who can cross the bridge to contemporary work, and this year’s installment [...]

Super Eagle Comes Close

Kate Wallich and Andrew Bartee in Super Eagle
Photo by Tim Summers

Pelvis forward, chest recessed, chin prominent, heels striking, clean lines—these signature postures belong, of course, to the starlet of Seattle’s [...]

The YC Poised to Soar

SE3__Kate Wallich + Andrew Bartee_photo by Jacob Rosen

Kate Wallich may be the main choreographer of Super Eagle, set to premiere at Velocity this Thursday evening, but the [...]

Sleeping Beauty Offers Long, but Magical Evening


Despite its advertising, Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty, which premiered on Friday, January 31, 2014, at McCaw Hall, may not [...]

PNB Showcases Ever-Evolving Field of Contemporary Ballet

KPite 0373

American choreographer Alvin Ailey is often quoted stating that his dancers needed a “ballet bottom” and a “modern top,” and [...]

Dancing on AIR with PNB

AirTwyla 0801

Pacific Northwest Ballet has many Twyla Tharp works in their repertory, and they’ve even performed an all-Tharp bill before, but [...]

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