Five New Offerings in DUST

Olivia Fauver and Stacy Brenner in Ashleigh Miller's Fragments and Broken Pieces from Brain Is A Radio. Photo by Jazzy Photo.

Every artist begins a work with a series of ideas. While sometimes it is the desire that a work comes [...]

Stuck in the Middle at Double Vision

Claire Mitchell and Ashleigh Miller in Miller's About Face
Screen shot by Stephen Byrne

Double Vision’s title reflects the show’s dual choreographers, Ashleigh Miller and Tara Dyberg, who showed work this past weekend at [...]

Petit Prince Reimagined in La Fille and Rose

Victoria McConnell and Ashleigh Claire Miller in Tara Dyberg's La Fille and Rose
Photo by Stephen Byrne

Tara Dyberg’s La Fille and Rose, a contemporary dance adaptation of Le Petit Prince, was almost risky in its rare [...]

La Fille Gets to the Heart of the Story


If you think storytelling through dance is almost the sole province of story ballets (hello, Nutcracker season!), you are in [...]

Generation (wh)Y?


This morning most of us rolled over to unlock our phones, checking Facebook and other social media websites out of [...]

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