Male Muses and Musings: Men in Dance Weekend II


Gangly men perching on undersized chairs. A hooded figure suffocating his victim. Shooting stars streaking through the night sky. These [...]

Conflict and Cohesion at Strictly Seattle

SS_010 - Gosti

Maximum Velocity, presented by Velocity Dance Center, kicked off with the final showcase for their three week dance intensive, Strictly [...]

Something for Everyone at BOOST


A biennial festival seeking to support PNW dance, BOOST Dance Festival returned from hiatus last weekend, May 29-30, taking over [...]

Acrobatic Conundrum Defies Gravity

Acrobats in Acrobatic Conundrum's Love & Gravity Photo by Eric Gillet

Equal parts circus act, dance, and acting exercise, the Seattle-based group Acrobatic Conundrum’s Love & Gravity (April 8-10 at Broadway [...]

Fresh Talent on the Rise at Strictly Seattle


More than 70 dancers, from adult beginners to pre-professionals from programs across the country, performed in Velocity’s annual Strictly Seattle [...]

Witnessing the Ritual at Butoh Festival

DAIPAN Butoh: Diego Pinon

Slime molds. Ocean waves. Phosphorescent plankton. All are formed by tiny, individual particles working together. And all were embodied by [...]

Butoh Festival Explores Global Body


Bodies covered in chalky white. Imperceptible movements. Ritualistic intention. These distinctive qualities of Butoh performance often combine to create a [...]

12 Notable Performances of 2014: A Personal Appreciation

Most people in the Seattle dance community know Anne Lawrence. A faithful mega-fan of all things dance, Anne can usually [...]

MID Week 2: The Multi-Faceted Man

Christian Squires in Sixes and Sevens by Robert Dekkers
Photo by Colleen Dishy

No token males or ballerina-hoisting partners here. Against the Grain/Men In Dance’s mission “to create performance opportunities for men who [...]

MID Week 1: A Delightful Feast

Wade Madsen performs his solo Federico
Photo by Colleen Dishy

Seattle’s Against the Grain/Men in Dance Festival is a biennial endeavor of performances exploring, celebrating, and focusing on exactly that: [...]

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