Male Muses and Musings: Men in Dance Weekend II


Gangly men perching on undersized chairs. A hooded figure suffocating his victim. Shooting stars streaking through the night sky. These [...]

Something for Everyone at BOOST


A biennial festival seeking to support PNW dance, BOOST Dance Festival returned from hiatus last weekend, May 29-30, taking over [...]

Learning to Be Human: Being.


“I was so caught up with ‘Why can’t I just be happy and normal?’ We’re trying to hide who we [...]

Fresh Talent on the Rise at Strictly Seattle


More than 70 dancers, from adult beginners to pre-professionals from programs across the country, performed in Velocity’s annual Strictly Seattle [...]

Stuck in the Middle at Double Vision

Claire Mitchell and Ashleigh Miller in Miller's About Face
Screen shot by Stephen Byrne

Double Vision’s title reflects the show’s dual choreographers, Ashleigh Miller and Tara Dyberg, who showed work this past weekend at [...]

New Performers Shine Bright at Strictly Seattle

Strictly Seattle advanced track dancers in Pat Graney's ORANGE
Photo by Tim Summers

Velocity’s Strictly Seattle is integral to Seattle’s dance scene for innumerable reasons, most significantly because it likely brings more dancers [...]

Seattle-style Dance Abounds at Full Tilt


Now in its ninth year, Full Tilt is an established production that provides choreographers and dancers opportunities to create and [...]

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