Can’t Escape Racism in Spectrum’s Minstrel Show


Our society proclaims to be a progressive one, one that rises above stereotypes and prejudice. It’s not always true, of [...]

Emotions Manifest in Whim’s OUT-spoken


“Dance is a form of human expression that we can all share and understand,” Whim W’him’s Artistic Director Olivier Wevers [...]

No Longer Invisible in Rambunctious 2.0


This year’s Black History Month has been a busy one nationwide, with conversations on the value of black lives happening [...]

Get IN-spired: Whim Continues to Stun


IN-spired, the latest performance from Seattle’s Whim W’Him, opened this past Friday, January 22, to a large crowd of enthused [...]

Art and Exposition in The Withing Project

Beth-Lisa 3. Small

A woman dying of cancer tries to explain a phenomenon to her doctor—that when she’s with certain people, her pain [...]

Epic Mythology Retold at Cabiri’s EZID

The Cabiri in 2014's TEWAZ
Photo by David Rose

Fans of mythology and spectacle rejoice: The Cabiri is back with EZID, the second installment of an epic mythological trilogy, [...]

X-posed Angst at Whim W’him


In its five years as a company, Olivier Wevers’ Whim W’Him has established itself as a troupe of incredible dancers, [...]

Spectrum Unpacks Racism

Spectrum Dance Theater in The Minstrel Show
Photo by Nate Watters

Bring up the topic of race anywhere in the country, and most people react with telling responses: clammy expressions, uncomfortable [...]

Minstrel Show Update Revisits Race Conversation


For a good, hard look at race in America, go see Donald Byrd’s The Minstrel Show Revisited this weekend. Opening [...]

Genre Bender A Melting Pot of Performing Arts

Shaun Scott and Ezra Dickinson's Artifice of Color 
Photo by Chona Kasinger

Shifting from live music to spoken word to dance to theater, Genre Bender  showcased Seattle artists of every order, each [...]

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