Dance Takes Flight in West Georgetown


Borrowing a huge sum of money—the equivalent of one private jet—from the bank is a big decision for anyone. For [...]

Base: New Dance Space Arrives in Georgetown


Off an old industrial alleyway in Georgetown something new is just beginning. Seattle dance fixtures Dayna Hanson and Peggy Piacenza, [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: The Beauty of Restrictions

Dayna Hanson in solo study: y(x) 
Photo by Kate Hailey

“Ten tiny dancers on a platform” is how my companion referred to the show in a slip of the tongue. [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: Small Stage, Big Idea


If “art is limitation, and the essence of every picture is the frame,” as the writer G.K. Chesterton once said, [...]

New Frontiers of Dance Cinema


The sister art forms of dance and film have much in common. At its core, cinema is about movement, light, [...]

Piacenza Gets Personal

Peggy Piacenza preparing for Touch Me Here
Photo by Tim Summers

Peggy Piacenza’s new solo work, Touch Me Here, opens this Thursday, November 20, under the crumbling balconies of Seattle’s Washington [...]

Velocity FKO Teases and Pleases


Velocity’s annual Fall Kick-Off ushered in a promising new season of dance with three different nightly performance showcases, September 5-7, [...]

An Intelligent and Intuitive American Parable


The premise of Dayna Hanson’s The Clay Duke is a 2010 shooting at a Florida school board meeting subsequently made [...]

A Cinematic Movement

Molly Sides_film still from Alternator by Rodrigo Valenzuela

Film is not a new medium. The nexus of dance and film is not particularly new either, but this week’s [...]

Velocity Kicks Off into a New Season

BB-PE-Mo_photo by Tino Tran

If you ever start fearing that contemporary dance in Seattle all looks the same, the Velocity Fall Kick Off is [...]

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