Finding Balance as Dancer and Mother


Is it possible to be both dancer and mother? This is a question that many dancers will contemplate at a [...]

A Decade of Greatest Hits at BRD


In 2005, motivated by a desire to bring high-quality contemporary dance to the Bellingham community, a group of artists founded [...]

RDC3 Brings Joy to Fresh Audiences


Relay Dance Collective took to Velocity Dance Center’s stage April 3-5 with refreshing vitality, showcasing their own unique approach to [...]

CHOP SHOP: Always a Sure Thing

Coriolis Dance in madness, to speak of nothing at CHOP SHOP 2015.  Choreography by Joshua Beamish.  
Photo by Rex Tranter.

CHOP SHOP: Bodies of Work, now in its eighth year running, has established itself as an important, heavily-curated Seattle/Eastside institution, [...]

12 Notable Performances of 2014: A Personal Appreciation

Most people in the Seattle dance community know Anne Lawrence. A faithful mega-fan of all things dance, Anne can usually [...]

Dancers Shine Brightest at Chop Shop 2014

Dancers Nicholas Schultz and Laura McQueen of 
Grand Rapids Ballet
Photo by Chris Clark

As the Eastside’s biggest—only?—dance festival, the annual Chop Shop Contemporary Dance Festival provides a wide array of performances each year. [...]

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