Finding Balance as Dancer and Mother


Is it possible to be both dancer and mother? This is a question that many dancers will contemplate at a [...]

12 Notable Performances of 2014: A Personal Appreciation

Most people in the Seattle dance community know Anne Lawrence. A faithful mega-fan of all things dance, Anne can usually [...]

Petit Prince Reimagined in La Fille and Rose

Victoria McConnell and Ashleigh Claire Miller in Tara Dyberg's La Fille and Rose
Photo by Stephen Byrne

Tara Dyberg’s La Fille and Rose, a contemporary dance adaptation of Le Petit Prince, was almost risky in its rare [...]

La Fille Gets to the Heart of the Story


If you think storytelling through dance is almost the sole province of story ballets (hello, Nutcracker season!), you are in [...]

Abbey Grown Celebrates Community-Driven Art

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 2.51.39 PM

Abbey Grown opened on the breezy spring evening of March 28, showcasing an interdisciplinary group of artists who have found [...]

Cultivating Roots with Abbey Grown

Victoria McConnell's Arc and Arrow 
Film still by Brad Curren

Like a living mound of fertile soil, the Fremont Abbey Arts Center provides the perfect conditions for creativity to sprout. [...]

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