IOTA: A Reflection in Conversation


SYNIVA WHITNEY: We responded to _IOTA poetically, bit by bit, queerly and playfully. Here are our fragments of thoughts and [...]

NWNW Highlights: Weekend One

Sleep Nod's Sophia, photo by Tim Summers

Audiences enjoyed a dance-packed first weekend of On the Board’s Northwest New Works 2016 (June 10-12). Of the eight pieces [...]

strauss’ MANIFESTO: Creation and Cucumbers

ilvs strauss in MANIFESTO
Photo by Tim Summers

ilvs strauss appears to be having a silent conversation with someone off-stage, professional and friendly. But something is distracting her—she [...]

Creating a New MANIFESTO

ilvs strauss in a promo shot for MANIFESTO at On the Boards' 2014 Northwest New Works Festival
Photo by Tim Summers

It started as a solo skit for a sea cucumber. The roots of ilvs strauss’s MANIFESTO are simple enough, but [...]

The Dance Cartel Delivers


Dance parties are an elusive thing to facilitate. There’s usually that awkward moment when only a few people are dancing [...]

Stuck in the Middle at Double Vision

Claire Mitchell and Ashleigh Miller in Miller's About Face
Screen shot by Stephen Byrne

Double Vision’s title reflects the show’s dual choreographers, Ashleigh Miller and Tara Dyberg, who showed work this past weekend at [...]

Velocity FKO Teases and Pleases


Velocity’s annual Fall Kick-Off ushered in a promising new season of dance with three different nightly performance showcases, September 5-7, [...]

Variations on a Theme at NWNW

Linda Austin by Jeff Forbes_2

Opening night of On The Board’s annual Northwest New Works Festival brought a studio theater showcase with a lot of [...]

Genre Bender A Melting Pot of Performing Arts

Shaun Scott and Ezra Dickinson's Artifice of Color 
Photo by Chona Kasinger

Shifting from live music to spoken word to dance to theater, Genre Bender  showcased Seattle artists of every order, each [...]

12MM Shines in Season Opener


12 Minutes Max at On the Boards is one of the treasures of the Seattle performance scene. By removing the [...]

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