KSD Finds Meaning in Movement

Dancers in (re)MOVE: Back Toward Again the (re)TURNING Facing, photo by Karen Mason Blair

Strangely enough, you can tell a lot about a dancer by how they stand still. There are styles in stillness, [...]

Finding Balance as Dancer and Mother


Is it possible to be both dancer and mother? This is a question that many dancers will contemplate at a [...]

Karin Stevens Dance: Visual Jazz

Karin Stevens in her work, Free-Flow Interchange

Jazz music and modern dance took the stage last weekend with the encore presentation of Karin Stevens Dance and the [...]

12 Notable Performances of 2014: A Personal Appreciation


Most people in the Seattle dance community know Anne Lawrence. A faithful mega-fan of all things dance, Anne can usually [...]

Converging on Motherhood

Sarah Seder, Lilah Steece, and Amy Weaver of Sapience Dance Collective

CONVERGE: dance festival, presented by Sapience Dance Collective, is Seattle’s newest dance festival, joining the ranks of BOOST, Chop Shop, [...]

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