Sexy New Ballets at House of Verlaine


How many elements of the performance have to change before ballet becomes burlesque? And when you’re Lily Verlaine, are those [...]

Coriolis Sets Phasers to Stunning

Coriolis UA 2015 Opening Night 1k © Bret Doss 2015 03

A combination of exquisite ballet technique and science fiction makes Coriolis Dance’s Unfixed Arias a not-to-be-missed show for fans of [...]

Coriolis Prepares to Blast Off

Landoscopic © Bret Doss 2015 25

SeattleDances caught up with Christin Call, Co-Artistic Director of Coriolis Dance (alongside Natascha Greenwalt), as the group prepares to debut [...]

Cosmic Vision: Coriolis’s Unfixed Arias

WEB Promo CORIOLIS Unfixed Arias  sRGB 72DPI  © Bret Doss 2014 8

A riddle: What do you get when you combine a multitude of visual and performance arts with B-movie kitsch in [...]

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