New Dimensions in Next Dance Cinema

A film still from Bodies and Space and Place and Home directed by Sarah C Prinz.

Next Fest NW’s 2016 theme of pastFORWARD happens to coincide with a time of great change and uncertainty. The past [...]

Unmasking Effort at NextFest

Syniva Whitney and Will Courtney in The Renovation. Photo by Tim Summers.

Visible effort has rarely been considered a compliment when it comes to watching professional dance performances. Because it might threaten [...]

Visions of Utopia At NEXT FEST


Velocity Dance Center Artistic Director Tonya Lockyer often sets an extra challenge for the artists featured in Velocity’s annual NEXT [...]

Humor and Horror at Next Fest NW 2014

Anna Conner's Surrounded and Static
Photo by Tim Summers

Seattle is a city of innovation and exploration—a theme tested in many of the new works presented at Velocity Dance [...]

Next Fest NW 2013 All About the Audience

Next Fest Alana O Rogers_11

In an opening night introduction to the 2013 edition of Velocity’s Next Fest NW live performance series, Mark Haim noted [...]

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