A Collective Whole at Clear & Sweet

USA, Louisiana, New Orleans, Central Business District, Contemporary Art Center, live dance and song performance of Clear and Sweat. Concept Design & Direction by Zoe Scofield & Juniper Shuey.Collaborators: Ana Maria Lucaciu, Navarra Novy-Williams, Troy

A jagged, circular halo hovers over the stage, made from hanging fringe. It looks like silver threads of rain halted [...]

Base: New Dance Space Arrives in Georgetown


Off an old industrial alleyway in Georgetown something new is just beginning. Seattle dance fixtures Dayna Hanson and Peggy Piacenza, [...]

NWNW Highlights: Weekend One

Sleep Nod's Sophia, photo by Tim Summers

Audiences enjoyed a dance-packed first weekend of On the Board’s Northwest New Works 2016 (June 10-12). Of the eight pieces [...]

Finding Balance as Dancer and Mother


Is it possible to be both dancer and mother? This is a question that many dancers will contemplate at a [...]

Yellow Towel’s Physical Metaphor

AMERICAN REALNESS shot 1 by Ian Douglas

In her baggy black sweats, Dana Michel edges her way into the entirely white space. She is hunched over, arms [...]

Shore: Performance sets us adrift

Emily Johnson_SHORE_photo by Erin Westover

The audience is led to a nearby parking lot in the rain, marked by a line of performers singing gentle [...]

Pat Graney’s Girl Gods: All the Rage


If at any point in life you ever wonder, “Why are women always so damn angry?” Pat Graney has good [...]

NWNW Weekend 1: Highlights

LED/Lauren Edson in a press photo for Barbarian Princess
Photo by Steve Smith

June marks the return of the NW New Works Festival at On the Boards, where you can catch a variety [...]

Creating a New MANIFESTO

ilvs strauss in a promo shot for MANIFESTO at On the Boards' 2014 Northwest New Works Festival
Photo by Tim Summers

It started as a solo skit for a sea cucumber. The roots of ilvs strauss’s MANIFESTO are simple enough, but [...]

Surveillance Playground at Clytigation

Dancer Jadd Tank in Michelle Ellsworth's Clytigation #3 from Clytigation: States of Exception
Photo by Satchel Spencer

If you like absurdity and technology mixed in with your dance and served alongside portions of antiquity and current events, [...]

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