Small Space for Big Ideas at 8 x 8

8 x 8  no Words png

Inside the Pocket Theater, blue masking tape lined an 8’ by 8’ space; the audience sat within inches of the [...]

Live Music at the Heart of Converge


There were many takeaways from Sapience Dance Collective’s annual Converge Dance Festival—including the talent of the dancers and the creative, [...]

All in a Life’s Work with Ktisk


What lies at the intersection of work, life, and art, and how does a dancer navigate the tension and ambiguity [...]

Ktisk Finds Beauty at The Pocket

Beauty Marks

Since relocating from Columbus, Ohio to Seattle in 2014, Rachael Forstrom’s Ktisk Contemporary Dance has barely skipped a beat. The [...]

Ktisk Not Child’s Play

Rachael Forstrom's We All Fall
Photo by Joseph Lambert/Jazzy Photo

Mixed repertory shows can often end up a grab-bag of unrelated works that may or may not make a whole [...]

The Many Voices of Isis Women Arts

2013-10-27 15.19.12

The 6th Annual Isis Women Arts Festival seeks to give female-identifying artists a space—a literal space—where they can present their [...]

Return to Me Brings Loss Back to Life


Focused on themes of love, loss, death, mourning, and memory, Serendipity Dance Brigade’s Return to Me: in 3D ran December [...]

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