Dance Takes Flight in West Georgetown


Borrowing a huge sum of money—the equivalent of one private jet—from the bank is a big decision for anyone. For [...]

Emerging Choreographers Set the Stage for RDC’s Showcase


We want to create community through elevating our art form; we want to create community through creating bold, audacious, and [...]

PRIME time for RDC


Before it’s possible to push boundaries with art, there must first be an audience to be pushed. Enter Seattle’s Relay [...]

RDC3 Brings Joy to Fresh Audiences


Relay Dance Collective took to Velocity Dance Center’s stage April 3-5 with refreshing vitality, showcasing their own unique approach to [...]

A Dance Lover’s Guide to Folklife

Urvasi Dance
Photo courtesy of Ratna Roy

Some people say smiling is the universal language. Everyone across the world smiles: the message is received no matter where [...]

For Relay Dance’s Beginnings, the Best is Yet to Come

Gabrielle Nomura's Farewell Shikata ga nai, accompanied live by Seattle Kokon Taiko

Up-and-coming choreographers showcased works in Relay Dance Collective’s show titled Beginnings, which ran Friday-Sunday, April 11-13, at Seattle Center’s Theatre [...]

Music, Motion, and Mixed Media in Relay Dance Collective’s Debut

Relay Dance Collective in Gabrielle Nomura's Paradigm Shift,
with The Bad Tenants Northwest hip-hop group. Photo by Stephanie Nomura-Henley

  The US has a culture in which artists are constantly pushing the envelope, aiming for riskier and crazier heights [...]

Preview: Relay Dance Collective


  Jasmine Morgan (left) and Austin Sexton (right) of RDC in Jenny Hillock’s “Shadow Dancing” Photo by Stephanie Nomura-Henley Relay Dance [...]

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