Finding Balance as Dancer and Mother


Is it possible to be both dancer and mother? This is a question that many dancers will contemplate at a [...]

Buttcracker: Unholy Night

richard and i finale

Where do ugly Christmas sweaters, lightsaber fights, giant codpieces, keytars, paper snow, and 80s rock anthems come together? At Buttcracker [...]

Buttcracker Is Ready to Rock


Raised lighters and screaming fans aren’t typical features of a dance performance. But this holiday season, prepare to have your [...]

Pat Graney’s Girl Gods: All the Rage


If at any point in life you ever wonder, “Why are women always so damn angry?” Pat Graney has good [...]

NWNW Weekend 1: Highlights

LED/Lauren Edson in a press photo for Barbarian Princess
Photo by Steve Smith

June marks the return of the NW New Works Festival at On the Boards, where you can catch a variety [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: The Beauty of Restrictions

Dayna Hanson in solo study: y(x) 
Photo by Kate Hailey

“Ten tiny dancers on a platform” is how my companion referred to the show in a slip of the tongue. [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: Small Stage, Big Idea


If “art is limitation, and the essence of every picture is the frame,” as the writer G.K. Chesterton once said, [...]

New Frontiers of Dance Cinema


The sister art forms of dance and film have much in common. At its core, cinema is about movement, light, [...]

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