New Dimensions in Next Dance Cinema

A film still from Bodies and Space and Place and Home directed by Sarah C Prinz.

Next Fest NW’s 2016 theme of pastFORWARD happens to coincide with a time of great change and uncertainty. The past [...]

Bringing Movement Artists’ Films Onto the RADAR


From Vancouver, B.C., to Detroit to San Francisco, filmmaker/curator Adam Sekuler and choreographer Shannon Stewart brought together movement-based films in [...]

Partisan Creates Time, Space to Reflect

Partisan_Hanna_tim (2)

If you walked into Saint Mark’s Cathedral between 4 and 9 PM on Saturday, April 25, you might have seen [...]

New Frontiers of Dance Cinema


The sister art forms of dance and film have much in common. At its core, cinema is about movement, light, [...]

New Performers Shine Bright at Strictly Seattle

Strictly Seattle advanced track dancers in Pat Graney's ORANGE
Photo by Tim Summers

Velocity’s Strictly Seattle is integral to Seattle’s dance scene for innumerable reasons, most significantly because it likely brings more dancers [...]

ORANGE Covers Full Spectrum


Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and the bill of ORANGE delivered it in spades. With work [...]

Deborah Hay and The Gift of Experience


Upon entering Washington Hall, audience members at Who’s afraid of Deborah Hay? were directed upstairs to the balcony overlooking the [...]

The Hay Way or the Highway


SeattleDances is pleased to introduce a new, occasional series of guest contributions. In providing a more open format, we hope [...]

Bridge Project: A Glimpse of Seattle’s Dance Future


The Bridge Project at Velocity Dance Center is one of the many ways Velocity supports Seattle’s performance community. It stands [...]

The Bridge Project Makes Performance Personal

Colleen McNeary_courtesy of the artist

Every year, Velocity Dance Center offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to a select group of Seattle choreographers with The Bridge Project, [...]

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