Giselle Deconstruct: A Survival Story

Photo by Tim Summers.

What is romantic about madness, grief, anxiety, and suicide? Nothing, Veronika Lee-Baik communicates with Giselle Deconstruct, an evening-length work which [...]

Striking Visuals at The Three Yells


Veronica Lee-Baik has a clear eye for an unusual landscape—her stage pictures are distinctive and disturbing. Lee-Baik’s Her Name is Isaac (Cornish [...]

Less Could Be More at Moon Falling


The audience entered Moon Falling to a striking image of six dancers lying on the floor—the strong influence of visual [...]

The Three Yells Returns to the Stage


“Fire in the belly” is Veronica Lee-Baik’s guiding principle as she directs her company, The Three Yells. Deriving its name [...]

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