Chamber Dance Company’s Snapshot of Postmodern Dance


One great part of the Seattle dance scene is that there is a lot of dance happening: from big shows [...]

PRIME time for RDC


Before it’s possible to push boundaries with art, there must first be an audience to be pushed. Enter Seattle’s Relay [...]

Buttcracker: Unholy Night

richard and i finale

Where do ugly Christmas sweaters, lightsaber fights, giant codpieces, keytars, paper snow, and 80s rock anthems come together? At Buttcracker [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: The Beauty of Restrictions

Dayna Hanson in solo study: y(x) 
Photo by Kate Hailey

“Ten tiny dancers on a platform” is how my companion referred to the show in a slip of the tongue. [...]

Ten Tiny Dances: Small Stage, Big Idea


If “art is limitation, and the essence of every picture is the frame,” as the writer G.K. Chesterton once said, [...]

MID Week 1: A Delightful Feast

Wade Madsen performs his solo Federico
Photo by Colleen Dishy

Seattle’s Against the Grain/Men in Dance Festival is a biennial endeavor of performances exploring, celebrating, and focusing on exactly that: [...]

At Converge, Less is More


While the spectacle of virtuosic, technical dancing and flashy costumes is inviting to many artists, choreographers at the Converge Dance [...]

Veteran Dancers Take Seattle Dance Project Home


After seven seasons, Seattle Dance Project and its company of experienced performers has reached its swan song. Project 7 featured [...]

Converging on Motherhood

Sarah Seder, Lilah Steece, and Amy Weaver of Sapience Dance Collective

CONVERGE: dance festival, presented by Sapience Dance Collective, is Seattle’s newest dance festival, joining the ranks of BOOST, Chop Shop, [...]

Benefit Concert Aids Local Dancer

Photo courtesy of Carla María Negrete Martínez

The Seattle dance community has many outstanding qualities, but what makes it more than just a wonderful place to work, [...]

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