Touch Us Here, Peggy


At Washington Hall, on November 20, 2014, Peggy Piacenza crawled backwards, pink high heels and leopard print underwear first, into [...]

Piacenza Gets Personal

Peggy Piacenza preparing for Touch Me Here
Photo by Tim Summers

Peggy Piacenza’s new solo work, Touch Me Here, opens this Thursday, November 20, under the crumbling balconies of Seattle’s Washington [...]

Spectrum Gets Rambunctious

Cara May Marcus in Donald Byrd's Septet
Photo by Nate Watters

Donald Byrd’s Spectrum Dance Theater ends its season on a high note with Rambunctious: A Celebration of American Composers and [...]

Deborah Hay and The Gift of Experience


Upon entering Washington Hall, audience members at Who’s afraid of Deborah Hay? were directed upstairs to the balcony overlooking the [...]

The Hay Way or the Highway


SeattleDances is pleased to introduce a new, occasional series of guest contributions. In providing a more open format, we hope [...]

Promising Ideas at 12MM

Amy Johnson and Danica Bito
Photo by Tim Summers

Washington Hall, On the Boards’ historic home, continues to be a fitting space for the 12 Minutes Max series, whose [...]

Rich Layers of Cacophony To Fill Washington Hall


By 6:30 PM last Friday night, the four performers of Cacophony for 8 Players had been rehearsing for nine and [...]

DASSDance Brings Tribal Struggles to Life


  Deep in the Amazon forests of Brazil live the Awa, a nomadic, indigenous tribe of people who have little [...]

DASSDance: Protecting Indigenous People of the Amazon through Dance


  Imagine the only way of life you’ve ever known was being taken away from you so that someone else [...]

Chicago Sends, Seattle Receives


Laboratory Dancers in Alexandra Subak’s Iota Photo by Brian Eaves On the Laboratory Dancers’ website, the Chicago-based artist collective bills themselves [...]

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