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siff: one reason to leave work early on tuesday: dancing across borders

Sokvannara Sar at the Vail International Dance Festival,
Philip Glass at the piano (photo © Erin Baiano
Tuesday after a long weekend? I think you deserve to cut out early.

Cancel your 4:00 meeting and head over to SIFF for the last screening of Dancing Across Borders (starts at 4:15; tix cost $8).

I’ll post a review later in the week, but here’s why it’s worth leaving work early:

* the story (talent meets determination and hard work) is good
* the dancing is better
* some of the scenes are beautiful
* some of the interviews are interesting
* it’s like a free trip to Cambodia
* and here’s your chance to see PNB’s Sokvannara Sar do moves that usually fall to members higher up in the ranks.

Here’s the link to SIFF if you want to learn more. Or, better yet, a link to the movie’s website, which includes video clips and a photo gallery.