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pnb: verdy and paul coach emeralds

PNB’s Nadeau (photo © Angela Sterling)
I just got my copy of DanceInternational magazine in the mail. So many pretty pix!

There’s a gorgeous, full-page photo of Louise Nadeau doing the Emeralds layback. It’s in an article I wrote about Violette Verdy and Mimi Paul coaching Maria Chapman, Carla Körbes, Ariana Lallone, Nadeau, and Mara Vinson earlier in the year. The magazine will be on news stands soon, but here’s a little preview:

“A minute after slipping into the studio, I notice one change already wrought: soloist Maria Chapman’s arms have taken on a beautifully rounded expressiveness. The coaches watch from the front of the room, both with faces upturned: Verdy’s as though the dancing before her is a radiant, nourishing sun; Paul’s as though the dancing is explaining the mysteries of the universe. Their bodies seem inhabited by the music; you can read the shifts in direction and mood in the subtle movements of their own torsos. Occasionally, a gorgeous arm extends to lead a port de bras. They spring up to
coax a shoulder into place, and then stay standing, watching. These two women are alert, “on,” generous and completely connected with the dancers they are coaching.”

Link to the online version…