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pnb: check out their new website

It’s clean and gorgeous and inviting and easy (so far) to navigate.

Plus, the first show is Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette, for which they have those amazing Angela Sterling photos to choose from, so the site is starting off with a seriously beautiful bang.

Wish I knew who had designed it. Kudos to the staff members who did the planning, etc.

The website sports their new logo…which is going to take some getting used to. Its logic doesn’t make sense to me. Why receding and without articulation and chubby? PNB is none of those. And in the pretty, stacked title, Northwest gets all the play while Ballet is just some little word. (I’ve nothing against chubby, by the way. It’s the shape I see in my own mirror!) And I’m not sure it can be reversed out. Maybe we’ll come to love it like the staid but elegant old logo. Why go crazy over a logo anyway? It’s design. To me, design is just another form of dance.

Ooh, and…last season’s apprentices all show up on the website as corps members this season:
Andrew Bartee, from Everett
Amanda Clark, from Virginia
Kyle Davis, from Wisconsin
Emma Love, from Kansas
Margaret Mullin, from Arizona
Sean Rollofson, from Redmond

No official word on other promotions yet.