pnb: porretta article

Jonathan Porretta in One flat thing, reproduced
(photo by Angela Sterling)

While I’ve been taking the summer off, the folks at DanceInternational magazine have been working hard. Here’s an article they posted on Jonathan Porretta called Finding the Artist Within.

I hope you like it…and I’d be interested to know if you agree with it.

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  1. I liked your article. I am (of course) a fan of Poretta’s. I think you captured his spirit very well. As you pointed out, Poretta has an amazing ability to “leap into your lap” as you phrased it. The audience simply loves him…..and I suspect Jonathan loves that the audience loves him (grin).

    Frankly, I have not noticed this “inward” change in Jonathan’s dancing. I’ve probably been too enamoured with the roles where he is still so superbly outgoing. Thanks to your article, I will start looking for this side of him. That he is capable of deeper, more contemplative performances doesn’t surprise me at all. Furthermore, it makes sense that an artist of his calibre would be drawn to that style of dancing as he matures as an artist.

    My only caution is that I hope Jonathan NEVER loses his infectious quality. It’s one of his unique gifts…..a huge part of what defines him as a dancer. But I can’t imagine Poretta EVER losing his warm blooded, wholly charming, completely accessable connection to his audience. No one exemplifies the expression “leave it all on the stage” than Jonathan Poretta. He give us his all EVERY TIME, and we love him for that.

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