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pnb, sdp, vdc & ww: raising funds

Flight, by Steve Jensen (Aluminum, 102” x 62”)
Whim W’Him’s event will be held at Steve Jensen Studios

It’s a great feeling, helping an artist show his/her work, being part of the lift-off. It’s one reason fundraising events can be so fun…at least, Seattle-style ones. Here’s some info on the fundraisers I’ve seen coming up in the next month or so. Lots of variety…

Velocity Dance Center and Century Ballroom’s “Single Ladies [Put a Ring On It] Amateur Dance-Off
: September 19, at Century Ballroom, judged by Brendan Kiley, Pat Graney, and Joyce Taylor. ($18–$20) Check out the website for how to enter the contest and how to just sit back and enjoy.

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Prelude to a Kiss: September 24, at McCaw Hall, cocktail party ($75) or dinner ($200) before the show (Maillot’s Roméo et Juliette).

Seattle Dance Project’s
“The Dance of Life” First Annual Fundraiser: September 27, at The Ruins, hors d’oeuvres and wine + keynote by Tim Girvin (“Exploring the Human Brand: Creativity, Dance, Business & You”) + entertainment by pianist Victor Janusz + Simple Measures. ($100). I met Tim Girvin briefly when I used to work for the wonderful architecture firm NBBJ: I found him inspirational…and I’m guessing that his talk for SDP will be interesting, creative, energizing…and something you won’t hear anywhere else! (See press release below.)

Whim W’Him
– Dance Party: October 16, at the Sole Repair Shop ($25)
– “Out On a Whim” Auction & Dinner: October 17, at Steve Jensen Studios ($125)
Olivier Wevers has been gearing up this year for the start of his own company, Whim W’Him. They performed at Bumbershoot under the auspices of PNB*, and they will take part in OtB’s A.W.A.R.D. show in December, but Whim W’Him’s big premiere is at OtB in January. The October fundraiser will help this new dance company get its start. (More info to come; save the date!)

* I love when Seattle’s big companies are gracious and supportive! Yay, PNB! I’ve seen the negative example locally in another art form; I think our dance community is superior, understanding that it really isn’t about competition… It feels like we’re entering another golden age for dance in Seattle, in spite of the economy. It’s because there are so many good dancers and choreographers and leaders inspiring and energizing each other to make art. And when the big, established companies support their fellow artists through opportunities and sharing, everybody wins.

Know of other dance company fundraisers? Please comment below. Thanks!

I couldn’t find much info on SDP’s website, so here’s their press release…pretty much verbatim:

Press Release


“The Dance of Life” First Annual Fundraiser for the Seattle Dance Project

on September 27, 2009

The Seattle Dance Project Fundraiser will feature some of the finest

nationally recognized creative talent in the Northwest: Designer Tim

Girvin, Pianist Victor Janusz, and the chamber ensemble Simple Measures

Celebrate the creative force and legacy of Dance in the Pacific Northwest

SEATTLE, WA September 8, 2009— The Seattle Dance Project will hold its

first annual Fund Raiser on September 27, 2009. In a spirited

collaboration of some of the finest nationally recognized creative talent

in the Northwest area: Tim Girvin will talk about THE DANCE OF LIFE

Exploring the Human Brand: Creativity, Dance, Business & You. Pianist

Victor Janusz and the chamber ensemble Simple Measures will provide live


The Seattle Dance Project, founded in 2007 by artistic directors Julie

Tobiason and Timothy Lynch, seeks to use the technical prowess and

professional maturity of its dancers to continually push the limits of

contemporary dance. Both Tobiason and Lynch formerly danced with the

Pacific Northwest Ballet and are current faculty members of the Pacific

Northwest Ballet School.

The first fundraiser slated for Sunday, September 27th at The Ruins in

Seattle is a celebration of the creative force and expression of this new

dance company. After two seasons of performances, the Seattle Dance

Project is quickly becoming known for its diversity, range of expression

and rhythmic inventiveness in the powerful blend of classical and modern

technique. So far the company’s eight world premieres have utilized

classical music, jazz, contemporary pop music and rock-n-roll. The

excitement and buzz that has been generated about this new company brings

to mind the Northwest legacy of nurturing and giving rise to major dance

talent such as Merce Cunningham, Mark Morris and Bill Evans, as well as

the international accolades consistently given to the Pacific Northwest


After a recent performance of the Seattle Dance Project, Ballet Talk

Magazine noted “I can’t imagine that one could see a small company of

seasoned professionals at this level anywhere in the country except maybe

in NYC.”

During the September 27th fundraiser, internationally celebrated designer

Tim Girvin will give the keynote talk. Girvin has been breathing life

into brands for companies, products and people for over thirty years. His

work is everywhere from Bellagio to Bloomingdale’s. He has designed the

movie title logos for 350 Hollywood feature films—his latest was in the

movie Star Trek. Girvin will talk about dance as being in-the-moment and

ephemeral, and yet in possession of a great power that creates a long

lasting brand legacy. According to Girvin, “There is a spirited alignment

between the balance of classical dance, modern interpretations and

re-invention, and what dance can mean for all of us: how we experience

life, how we share our stories with one another, and ultimately how we

build our brands. “

The “Dance Of life” Fundraiser is a fine example of how accomplished

artists are helping one another during these challenging economic times.

All of the fundraiser’s featured guests, Tim Girvin,

Pianist Victor Janusz and the Chamber Ensemble Simple Measures, are

generously donating their time in support of Seattle Dance Project and

they will not be compensated for their contributions. Seattle Dance

Project is a 501(c)3 organization. 100% of the proceeds go directly to SDP

artists. Admission fees as well as any additional contributions that are

made to the Seattle Dance Project are tax deductible.


Exploring the Human Brand:

Creativity, Dance, Business & You

Presented by Tim Girvin (

Sunday, September 27, 2009 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The Ruins (

570 Roy Street Seattle, WA 98109

Cost $100.00*

Includes hors d’oeuvres and wine

Live entertainment with Victor Janusz and Simple Measures

To purchase online tickets for this event please use “donate” button on


On twitter follow @seattledancepro.

About the Seattle Dance Project

Founded in 2007 by artistic directors Julie Tobiason and Timothy Lynch,

the Seattle Dance Project is a new modern dance company that seeks to use

the technical prowess and professional maturity of its dancers to

continually push the limits of contemporary dance. The Seattle Dance

Project creates movement methodology where muscular strength and classical

lines of ballet converge with the emancipating movement of modern dance.

Choreographers who have worked with the company include Donald Byrd,

Molissa Fenley, Pat Catterson, Olivier Wevers, Wade Madsen, Heidi

Vierthaler, Kiyon Gaines, James Canfield, Kent Stowell, Edwaard Liang and

Betsy Cooper. In addition to Tobiason and Lynch, the company is composed

of world-class performers including Alexandra Dickson, Melanie Skinner,

Oleg Gorboulev, Dana Hanson, Kory Perigo, Michele Curtis, Joseph Anderson

and Betsy Cooper. Reflecting Seattle Dance Project’s commitment to high

quality performing arts, all company members are active teachers in the

Seattle dance community. Seattle Dance Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit