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sdt: reading contemporary dance – starts 10/17

image taken from Spectrum’s website
Talk is cheap? Actually, in this case, it’s free but worth a lot. Join the conversation. For $0 you can be part of this group that attends four interesting performances, engages in post-performance conversations, and gets to attend a post-fall-season “round table” with special guests.

It’s called “Reading Contemporary Dance,” but I don’t know that there’s any reading involved—except for “reading” what’s on the stage. The point of the club is to “[increase] literacy and appreciation for contemporary dance.” I went to this program once, a few years ago, in its earlier iteration; I had a good time. If you are already a contemporary dance genius, you’re still invited.

This is actually a very special program. Think about it: it’s a mini dance festival, really. Someday we’ll have a huge Seattle dance festival: our dance is that good and that vibrant. But for now, sign up for this mini one at or 206.325.4161. Buy your tix to the individual shows through Spectrum or through the presenting companies.

Here’s what they’re watching and talking about. You don’t have to go to every show in order to be part of the club…


Saturday October 17th, 2009
Landrover (Cunningham)
Quartet – Excerpts (Byrd)
Short Dances/Little Stories – Excerpts (Byrd)
Life Situations (Byrd)
The Sleeping Beauty Notebook – Excerpts (Byrd)

Saturday October 24th, 2009
Harmonica Breakdown (Dudley)
Tenant of the Street (Gentry)
Lynchtown (Weidman)
Dink’s Blues (McKayle)
D-Man in the Waters (Jones)

Saturday November 7th, 2009
Alaska (Szeinblum)


Saturday November 14th, 2009
Earth (Canfield, Cooper)

ps: Check out Seattle Dance Project’s fundraiser…this Sunday…
Seattle Dance Project’s “The Dance of Life” First Annual Fundraiser: September 27, at The Ruins, hors d’oeuvres and wine + keynote by Tim Girvin (“Exploring the Human Brand: Creativity, Dance, Business & You”) + entertainment by pianist Victor Janusz + Simple Measures. ($100). I met Tim Girvin briefly when I used to work for the wonderful architecture firm NBBJ: I found him inspirational…and I’m guessing that his talk for SDP will be interesting, creative, energizing…and something you won’t hear anywhere else!