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obt & club mod: balanchine the composer

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10/10: And, he was a composer: A Tribute to George Balanchine

Just in time for the opening of Oregon Ballet Theatre’s new season, a program about a choreographer

whose work they often perform. We’ll sample several of the scores Balanchine choreographed and hear a waltz written by the man himself.

Yes, we would love for you to post a note on your blog about the program. Perhaps folks in Seattle would prefer to stream a non-commercial station.

George Balanchine teaching class”And, he was a composer: A Tribute to George Balanchine.”
The Stations of All Classical 89.9 fm / Club Mod / October 10, 2009 / 8-10pm

To coincide with the opening of OBT’s 20th anniversary season, the Stations of All Classical will broadcast a Club Mod episode about the life of George Balanchine. If you’re attending opening night and can’t listen to the broadcast, the audio program will be available on-demand at the All Classical FM website for two weeks.

ABOUT CLUB MOD: Every Saturday night from 8 to 10 pm, Club Mod explores modernism in music. Host Robert McBride says, “Club Mod is the place to meet new composers and maintain friendships with the old ones. You’re invited!” It’s probably not your grandfather’s idea of classical music.