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supporting seattle arts: team diva

Team Diva does it again! Now they’re making donations to the arts organization of your choice…well, when you buy or sell a home with them. Still, though, that’s pretty cool.

So why would I post their note on this blog? Because they’re my friends, and because I love the idea of more money going to the arts. And because their pitch doesn’t focus on themselves but reminds us that those of us who aren’t buying houses at the moment can help dance companies by buying tickets and spreading the word. These two gals—Kim Colaprete and Chavi Hohm—are fun, super-stylish-without-being-fussy, and have a lot of get-up-and-hustle. And they’re smart. Plus, they’re totally into dance. One of them is even co-chair of Backstage Pass this season. They’re the kind of women who feed 25 people plus their dogs for Thanksgiving. The kind who take in foreign exchange students for a week and make it look so fun that their friends want to do the same. (It was a great experience for me, actually. Contact UW FIUTS if you’re interested.) They are natural community builders, and here they are doing it again.

Their announcement follows verbatim.
Purpose Driven Real Estate
Buy or sell a home with Team Diva Real Estate and we will give back to an arts organization of your choice!

Team Diva strongly believes that a city with a bright and strong arts community is a place where people come, stay and grow. It is crucial to the overall economic health of Seattle that we support organizations like the Pacific Northwest Ballet, ACT Theatre, Seattle Art Museum and other local arts groups that make our city a desirable place to live. It is even more important during these difficult economic times that we make sure these organizations are around for the long term and are able to continue to provide dynamic and challenging programming!

Team Diva Gives Back!

Team Diva Clients
Our clients are urban folks who love and appreciate the arts and choose to live in or near Seattle in order to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Together we can help foster a strong and vital arts community where On the Boards can continue to be a venue for new and innovative performers and where Velocity Dance Center can keep providing space for modern dancers to grow and show their work.

Team Diva’s Arts Program
Team Diva is now launching our Purpose Driven Real Estate campaign. We want to do our part to keep Seattle’s Arts community vibrant during these tough times. We are asking you to get involved, be informed and most importantly choose Team Diva for all your real estate needs!

Get Involved:
One of the best things you can do to support the arts is to buy a ticket for a show. Attendance is down at most venues, which has a huge impact on future programming, grants and long term sustainability.

Be Informed:
Sign up for Team Diva’s e-Newsletter! Find out what great performances Team Diva is attending each month, link in with other art blogs and event calendars and get informative and interesting news about Seattle’s local real estate market.

Use Team Diva:

Sell or buy a home with us, Team Diva, and we will make a donation in your name to the arts organization of your choice at the close of the sale! This is “Purpose Driven Real Estate” at its best.

Why We Need a Strong Arts Community
Arts organizations in the area create 30,00o jobs and, according to a recent ArtsFund study, $1B in various economic drivers in Pierce and King County. A drop in the Arts is a drop in the overall vibrancy of a city. From Team Diva’s perspective we strongly believe that when a city loses its arts community, housing values will follow!

How Important is Art:
The Stranger –
General Study –
Missouri –
Pittsburg –

Join us in our drive to keep Seattle’s arts community not just alive but thriving. Contact us today if you are ready to buy or sell a home with Team Diva or to sign up for our monthly e-Newsletter!”