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pnb: here’s looking at you, mopey

Benjamin Griffiths
James Moore
Jonathan Porretta
Sokvannara Sar

(Angela Sterling photos)

I met with three of PNB’s four Mopeys to take a look at some video clips of this Marco Goecke work that caused such excitement when PNB did it in 2005. I wish we’d had access to the whole “Mopey” ballet, but even the minute-long clip we had for each dancer generated 20 minutes worth of commentary that I hope you’ll enjoy.

(Much of the fluidity and subtlety of the dancers gets lost in the process of compressing this document with my DYI Mac, not to mention huge chunks of pixels in some places. It’s beyond frustrating. But I wanted you to hear the dancers’ voices…the laughs and inflections that get cut out of typed transcriptions… Enjoy!)

Part I

PS: About self-injury, which is mentioned in this video… Here’s one site that lists some alternatives and some resources for help. Please be kind to yourself.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Interview: November 3, 2009
Credits: Photos and videos courtesy of Pacific Northwest Ballet, including the headshots that were taken by Angela Sterling.