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last-minute christmas gifts for dance-lovers

By Rosie Gaynor

Still waiting for inspiration? Time’s up! Lucky for you, dance-lovers are super-easy to buy for. The following items make great last-minute gifts: just fold a piece of paper, draw a stick-figure dancer on it, put some words of good lovin’ inside, and let your stress-free self spend the rest of the day with loved ones. (Well, don’t forget to buy the gift online or via phone later.)

Tickets to some dance you can see together
$10 to watch an hour-long preview/rehearsal in PNB’s studio (in some ways this is cooler than watching it on stage…it’s not a performance; it’s dance).

$18 to see the new Whim W’Him at On the Boards. Everything is set for this to be the hot ticket of January.

Seattle Dance Project at ACT has a family pack for $60. My dance-loving friend said that the highlight of her year was a Seattle Dance Project performance.

UW World Series has a 3-show deal for $75 (see info below)

Or, if you can be super spendy, take your dance-lover to see Wayne McGregor’s group in Portland at White Bird (plus hotel, plus dinner…nice! McGregor was the hip British choreographer in La Danse. Unless your dance-lover is a classics-only person, s/he probably adored it.).

There’s so much going on in Seattle in the next six months…just check out the company links on the left. Cheapish and hip? Chop Shop! Bigger on the spectacle? Moore/Paramount. Big issues of the day? Spectrum. Not to forget the 3 by Dove and the luscious All Balanchine coming up at PNB.

Make a donation to his/her favorite company
About five years ago I got a donation as a gift. Since it was one of those donor programs that includes back-stage perks like watching the occasional rehearsal, it provided ongoing fun for me as well as the warm fuzzy of helping along a dance troupe you believe in. I’ve gotten it every birthday since then too. I love it!

Find a dance class you can take together

Here’s How to Order that UW World Series 3-Pack…
The Winter Dance Sampler may be purchased by phone or in person. (Sorry, no online orders at this time.) The Winter Dance Sampler is only on sale until Thursday, January 21, 2010, and subject to availability. For best seats, order early!

UW Arts Ticket Office
or 800-859-5342