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lv/nwff: lelavision

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“a piece we are calling “the accumulation of change” with dr david lynn, biochemist studying the chemical origins of life at emory university.
film forum jan 22-27th  🙂 leah”

ey rosie!  attached is a description of the entire festival at the nwfilm forum.

a little blip about our piece is:

“The Accumulation of Change” is both a definition of evolution and a new art science performance collaboration between Seattle’s Lelavision Physical Music and Biomolecular Chemistry Professor, Dr David Lynn of Emory University.  This performance experiment, sponsored by Emory College Program in Science and Society and the Northwest Film Forum, combines Lelavision’s hybrid genre of art  (kinetic musical sculpture, music and dance) with excerpts of  Dr Lynn’s research on the chemical origins of life, self-assembly, and molecular evolutionLelavision will premiere performance pieces inspired by Dr Lynn’s research featuring kinetic musical sculptures engineered and fabricated by co-founder Ela Lamblin.  The centerpiece for the show is Lamblin’s new est creation called the “Warm Pond”.  It is an 8’ tall spinning stainless steel helix with a 5’ diameter musical pool at its base. Lelavision co-director and choreographer, Leah Mann, has pulled movement vocabulary from modern and aerial dance to animate Lamblin’s sculptures.  The accompanying film focuses on micro and macro images of spontaneous assembly and replication.  The film will use humor and metaphor along with sculptures, modern & aerial dance and original compositions.  The festival is a children’s festival but Lelavision’s work is always any age appropriate inspiring the whole audience whether 8yr or 80yrs old to consider “what is life/what is alive?”.
This art science collaboration is one of 8 in a series with scientists from around the country.  The next one will include a collaboration with the Museum of Glass and Epigentics research by Dr Arri Eisen.  Ela’s recent art science video work & Lelavision performance has already been garnering attention.  This video won the grand prize for the Chlorofilms science video contest (collaborator was Dr Anna Edlund)
THANK YOU so very much for giving this attention!
here is the correct press contact below:  
Ryan Anne Davis
Communications Director
Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave. 
Seattle, WA 98122
tel. 206/329-2629