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otb: 12 minutes max next sunday includes dance

By Rosie Gaynor

On the Boards’  upcoming 12 Minutes Max was curated by Diana Cardiff (Producer, Buttrock Suites and dancer/choreographer) and Glenn Kawasaki (President, Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, huge funder of new dance in Seattle; we owe him many thanks.). It includes—of course—some dance! Seattle Dance Project will be there, as will Rosen/Khambatta + Davis, Oleaje Flamenco, Louis Gervais, Selfick Ng-Simancas and Maika Misumi, and Randi Courtmanch’s b&w dance film.

Jan 24 – 25, 2010
Start Time: 7:00 pm
Tix: $8, 1 hour before show time in the Studio lobby

Short descriptions pulled verbatim from OtB’s website (merci, OtB) follow:

12 Minutes Max:

“* Rosen | Khambatta + Davis build, in the moment, a dance work set in a lush landscape of sensual partnering and lithe physicality (Dance)
* Oleaje Flamenco is a new collaboration between Barrio Flemenco and Vientos Flamenco. Two musicians and two dancers set the stage in this contemporary Flamenco fusion of music and choreography. (Dance | Music)
* Seattle Dance Project showcase a new solo work performed by Betsy Cooper and choreographed by Mark Haim. (Dance)
* Caleb Penn makes his 12MM debut with an a cappella hip-hop piece exploring the role of globalized media in genocide past and present. (Theater)
* The sultry voice of Darliene Lynn glistens with classical and modern jazz standards accompanied by Paul Fisher on electric guitar. (Music)
* With storytelling and dance, Louis Gervais creates a charming world focused around a young boy masquerading as a flute-playing cowboy named Son. (Dance | Theater)
* Selfick Ng-Simancas will perform a solo and dance duet with Maika Misumi created in a 3 week residency in Japan. (Dance)
* Rebecca M. Davis & Lisa Sanphillipo use Rebecca’s childhood experience of singing AM radio hits in the family’s car and choreographing at the age of 5 to create a backdrop for this new work. (Theater)
* Inspired by Ingmar Bergman, Randi Courtmanch’s black and white dance film explores memory and internalized spaces. (Film | Installation”