pnb: new york city tour casting

By Rosie Gaynor
I know I’m not the only one who follows PNB like fanatics follow football. Who’s out due to injury? What rookie is the coach playing this week? How does it change the game? Do you remember when they did the same thing back in ’96?

I can’t say PNB’s PR manager was surprised when I asked for the cast list for their NY performances this week (Joyce Theater, January 5 through January 10). Here it is, with some pix of the works they’re performing there…plus a little commentary…

Jodie Thomas and Lucien Postlewaite in Opus 111 (Angela Sterling photo)

Twyla Tharp’s Opus 111
Kerollis (set on Gaines)
Ricard (set on Thomas)

Dec and Cruz were such a great couple in Petite Mort, so it would be fun to see them in this sexy sequence that Lallone and Milov do so well here. I’m so sad Gaines is still out with an injury; at least he’s in the ads for this show, even if he can’t be in the show itself. Kerollis will do a fine job, though. We’ve missed Jodie Thomas all season in Seattle, and her light touch and sparkle will be missed in Opus 111 at the Joyce. She and Postlewaite built a little spatial relationship with this piece that was just lovely. I’m still getting to know Ricard, which makes sense, given the roles she’s had. Still, I haven’t yet been able to see past the wall of technique to her personality except for one brief moment in the last rep. If she’s got more of that, bring it on. Having caught a glimpse of it, I’ll look harder next time.

Carla Körbes and Bold Batkhurel in Für Alina (Angela Sterling photo)

Edwaard Liang’s Für Alina

Oh, well, gorgeous. Yes.

Marco Goecke’s Mopey
I pity the poor folks in New York who might only get to see one Mopey. Three men; three different Mopeys; gotta see’em all.
Check out the movie…

James Moore, William Lin-Yee, Jerome Tisserand, Sokvannara 
Sar in 3 Movements (Angela Sterling photo)
Benjamin Millepied’s 3 Movements
Griffiths (set on Sar?)

I’m a little shaky on the original cast for 3 Movements. I’ll have to track down my old program to see if there were other cast switches. One never gets enough of Griffiths’ elegance and humor, of course, of course, but Sar’s wild entrance and raw power gave 3 Movements an edge that was mirrored in Körbes and Bold’s entrance. It’s a shame to have him sit this one out, Coach Boal.

I found a few videos out there…

Promo video posted on the Joyce Theater site…showing Opus 111 and Für Alina:

Blog video posted on the Joyce Theater site…Barry Kerollis talks about his training:

And here’s a happy thought: With programs like On the Board’s, folks in New York will be able to see some of Seattle’s dance companies that don’t have the bucks or backing to tour. Let’s hope has a long and happy life.


  1. NY Post and NY Times ran some interesting preview articles this week. While I don’t have the links, you may want to check ’em out to see what the critics in NY are saying about Coach Boal and team.

  2. I do have access to the ‘subject-to-change” cast list…that shows each night’s performers. If you’d like to see it, just post a comment and I’ll see what I can do about getting the Excel sheet onto Blogger. Cheers – Rosie

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